Israel`s Most Advanced Dental Services

MaccabiDent Assuta

MaccabiDent Assuta is the largest specialist dental clinic in Israel, staffed by leading dental specialists as well as general practitioners. The clinic provides a range of treatments in the fields of prosthodontics, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontal treatment, orthodontics, children’s dental care, root canals, and more.

The clinic operates several units, tailored to specific patient needs, that offer quality solutions for complex treatments, provided by highly skilled medical personnel.

Diagnosis & Interdisciplinary Consultation Unit

This unit is staffed by highly experienced prosthodontic specialists and provides computer visualization and imaging services. Treatment programs are carried out in consultation with experts from other fields, as required.

Unit for Dental Treatment under General Anesthesia or Sedation

Special treatments for patients (adults or children) who wish to complete a complex series of treatments within a short time period, and all those who cannot have regular treatments due to: dental phobia, over-developed gag reflex, physical disability, or mental disability.

Complex Rehabilitation & Implant Unit

This unit is staffed by specialists in oral rehabilitation, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and periodontal surgery, focusing on:
  • Implants carried out by prosthodontic specialists.
  • Bone grafts to permit implants in situations involving a lack of bone.
  • Complex oral rehabilitation.

Dental Treatment Unit for High-Risk Patients

The unit provides dental and interdisciplinary treatment for patients with systemic diseases: heart disease, hypertension, kidney and liver disease, oncology patients, diabetes patients, patients with blood disorders, those taking blood thinners (such as aspirin), and organ transplant recipients who require hospital treatment.

Support Team

Patients who visit the MaccabiDent Assuta dental clinic are guaranteed a smooth, comfortable stay, organized to the last detail by a skilled, dedicated, experienced, and multilingual team.

This team can assist the patient during every stage of his stay, from the moment of arrival and the admission process to the coordination of the most convenient appointments and throughout the entire treatment process up to its conclusion, all with warm, personal, and professional support.