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How do I book a dental treatment with MaccabiDent Assuta?

The MaccabiDent Assuta booking process is very quick and simple:

Step 1: Taking dental information

You will be asked to send your dental information to the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department. Your records must contain details regarding your clinical condition and the requested treatment/procedure.

Step 2: Creating the treatment plan

The staff at the International Dental Department will then forward your records and request to the relevant specialist, depending upon the nature of the dental problem. The staff will collaborate with the specialist to create a specific treatment plan that will meet your needs. This plan, together with a price quote, will then be sent to you.

Step 3: Planning travel & treatment details

Upon approval of the plan and costs, the staff will work with you to select a convenient date for the treatment(s).

Step 4: Post-treatment care

Following your dental treatment and discharge from the clinic, the MaccabiDent Assuta staff remains at your service to assist you in every possible way. You will receive a detailed report covering all aspects of the procedure and recommendations for post-operative care. The staff will also provide you with telephone numbers for the attending dentist, so they can be in touch directly after the procedure, and even after your return home. Of course, the staff members of the International Dental Department are available by phone at all times provide any other support and assistance you require.
I am nervous about receiving treatment in a foreign country. How can I find out more about it?
It is understandable that you are feeling unsure about receiving medical treatment in an unfamiliar country. We recommend that you learn all you can about the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department and the staff who will be treating you.

We will be happy to provide you with any information that will assist your decision-making process. Our record of excellence is the best reassurance there is. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your concerns.
How much will I save by having my treatment in Israel?
Treatment costs vary greatly, depending upon the type of treatment and its complexity. To receive a specific price quote, please contact the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote matched to your needs.
What can I expect as a patient at the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department?
  • Advanced dental care, including complex treatment plans, within a short time period.
  • The most advanced medical devices and equipment, using the finest , highest quality dental supplies
  • Support from a skilled, dedicated, multilingual, and experienced team for the entire duration of your stay
  • A visit to Israel, combining dental treatment with a wonderful vacation and/or additional medical treatment
I would like to combine my treatment with a vacation in Israel. How can I do this?
At the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department, we will schedule your dental treatment(s) at the time that is most convenient for you. We encourage you to enjoy your stay in Israel and take advantage of the many wonderful tourist sites and leisure activities available. It is important to ensure you have the correct documentation required to enter the country. For example, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Israel. Visitors from some countries must also have a tourist visa. Our staff will be happy to provide advice and recommendations regarding accommodation, visas, travel tips, flights, and more, to help make your trip a smooth one.
For further information, you can also visit
I have some specific questions regarding my situation. Can I speak to a representative from the MaccabiDent Assuta International Dental Department?
Our staff members are waiting to take your call. We are happy to assist you in any way possible, by providing information about our dental services, price quotes, and much more.

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